Kittens expected!

We're going to have little siblings! Photo: T. Klaavo

We are expecting another litter from Mokita and Oscar in the beginning of June 2008. Little Choo is also going to get a boyfriend, and her kittens are planned for this autumn.

Our kittens will probably be vocal and greedy, but surely socially talented little monkeys with a sense of humor. They'll want a lot of love and affection from their human companions and would also love to have company of another cat.

Kittens will be ready for their new homes at age of twelve weeks. They will be vaccinated and spayed, microchipped and TICA registered.

If your home lacks a self-esteemed and lovable classical cat familiar from the movies of the fifties - the "Old-Style Siamese" TICA Thai - don't hesitate to contact us.

Please remember: Cat is a long-living pet, which will not only give you company, but also cause some trouble and expenses. Young cats can get to your nerves with their neverending activity. Cats will leave hair on your furniture and they might sometimes call loudly for your attention. We will interview all kitten clients, so don't be offended by lots of questions we're going to ask!